A Potential to be Ceaseless

Satan was living by sight, and he did not have to have faith. When he fell, it was into a works system, under the law of holiness. He being already perfect therefore placed himself under a law without grace and ended up lost forever, because he could not live up to that law.

We are under grace and do not have to work. Our heart, soul, mind, and strength (our affections, will, intellect, and body) are all filled with love. We have been dealt with by grace and seated with Christ, not under a law. Christ has performed and completed forever all that was required of us. We are now upheld by the arms of love (Deuteronomy 33:27), on grace (Romans 5:2), and in mercy (1 Peter 1:3). Grace places man where he is with Christ in God, giving him a love that can take any trial in his experience or give any measure of grace.

Love suffers long, revealing that it has the capacity to take all that is necessary to reveal all that it has to others. It has a root in the eternal Spirit. We have a definite potential to be a ceaseless wellspring of love. Love has the capacity to take all that men put upon it unjustly and to come out with patience. We have an eternal factor of love. We should be more concerned with the question of whether we are filled with love than where we are going to sleep tomorrow night. My occupation is not with what I need to satisfy my desires in time, but my occupation is living in fulfillment with no wants outside of the plan, thus revealing eternity.

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