A Purely Singular Response

Keep yourselves pure. That’s God’s message to His people. If this could be dealt with in the intent and divine calculation of its purpose for revelation, the Body of Christ would have long since been wholesome and resolved to reveal the kind of unity which presents God on earth.

Every step a born-again believer takes is taken in confidence with Christ in the purity of his mind, with a faith that does not doubt Christ. His mental attitude does not challenge God in any phase of His promise, but he simply walks in the purity of a mind that can trust God.

Keeping yourself pure is not talking about avoiding physical or overt sins, because that is not the intent or root meaning of the word. But it is to keep pure by walking in the Spirit with wisdom, love, grace, and peace. A heart that is not single in its response to the singularity of God’s promise is never pure. A depressed heart, a murmuring heart, or a fearful heart is an impure heart. These sins result in impure hearts and then lead to other sins in some people’s lives to fulfill the gap of impurity which has been established because of unbelief. These overt sins are just a result of what has been lacking all the time in the heart.

Do not believe and then change your mind through disbelief. Do not walk in doubt through unbelief, but walk in an expression of belief and be purified by faith, taking on the purpose mentally, the response emotionally, and the plan physically in God.

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