A Purpose Beyond

Jesus is our example. We should follow in His steps. What did it take for Jesus Christ to love us personally? It took not being involved in His own self-desires. Satan tries to make us think of self before receiving a self-sacrificing love from God that would fulfill His desire for us to have the same love (Philippians 2:2).

Through all earthly persecution and demonic attack, Jesus Christ could have reacted, but He endured shame because of the joy that was set before Him: the opportunity to give selfsacrificing love to the world. His only desire is to love, and His love is in no way conditional on the basis of response.

Time and time again, Christ came to touch people with His personal love. They reacted to Him in fear, meeting Him with anger, hatred, unbelief, and ridicule. How could He continue His ministry when He was without earthly support, agreement, and encouragement? He was supported and empowered from Heaven, in agreement with the Father and encouraged because of faith in a Plan.

His Plan went beyond the end result of the acceptance of His ministry. His Plan was to be one with the Father no matter what the result. Christ’s love did not stop with the declaration and obvious state of humanity. His love goes beyond knowledge and washes the feet, even of the guilty one, with that personal touch of love. Christ gives to us an eternal conviction of His personal love.

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