A Robe to Express a Person

You have God’s righteousness in position before you experience it in life. God gives you substance without evidence before you become a promise to Him in substance. God has clothed you with salvation garments. You are covered by, involved with, and enveloped in Redemption. You never can take off your garments. You may put fig leaves over them through deception, but you still are dressed in righteousness no matter what apparel you wear in your situation.

He covered you with love so that you could experience the effects of the garments. First came the robe of love; beneath that covering are the garments representing love in its different ministries of: joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Each is in accordance with the needs of different situations.

The robe of love encloses you with all that God is before you become all that He is. You have the clothing of divinity while you live in your humanity. Voluntarily receive what God has provided in Christ. In the spontaneity of grace He makes you a son of God. If you are not experiencing the provision of Redemption, you are in a robe of imputed righteousness, but are not growing in the Person of imparted righteousness. You have the provision which makes you more than just a positional revelation. You are an experiential revelation of a Person.

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