A Specialist in the Truth

Do not live in false humility toward the call of God, shrinking from His voice because you believe you are worthless. Neither live in self-confidence, not honoring the Head of the government of God. Joshua lived in self-authority until Joshua 5. He obeyed orders and gave commands, but did not honor the Head of the government, Who is Christ. He was usurping the authority of a stolen throne, even though the duty he performed for the throne was delegated to him.

Life comes to us as we recognize the Person of the call and keep sight of the Person while in service. Your provision is always a Person. You see yourself in Him when you are called and you live in Him during the call to be provided with all you need to fulfill the plan of the call.

What does it mean to be called by God? It means to respond to the truth of who you are in Christ and to allow God to expand you in the life of His plan so that you are ever growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord. Everyone is called by God; called to a life, a plan, a vision, a purpose, a heartbeat, to a Body – the actual manifestation of the Person Christ.

You will be a specialist for Jesus Christ. You will arise to God’s intended goals. When you see no capability, no natural potential, no human strength, and no eloquence to communicate, then fill that valley full of ditches (2 Kings 3:16) and watch God give you enough water to overcome anything. You dig the ditch by faith and God fills you with the provision.

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