Abandoned unto Sovereignty

Do not allow anything to cause you to fall short of the presence of a loving and living Lord. If our abandonment is to be truly unto God alone, then we must go beyond all that we term a naturally accepted life of discipleship. So many people would readily agree with Jesus when He told the man to "Let the dead bury the dead." Would you not readily associate that statement with the thoughts and standards of true discipleship? But what if Jesus in the next hundred cases encouraged and identified with a heart of compassion, eagerly permitting the man to go home and tend to this matter? What is Jesus' intent? Is it to set up some standard for true discipleship so that others following may abide by the rule of this case? Or, is it to leave us in the extremity and variety of a sovereign situation so we may learn how to live with God?

If a man acted in the way the decisions of Jesus seemed to point to, he could completely miss the whole issue. What is the issue? It is to live a life where you are never left short of God, a life where you never use anything that would prohibit you from experiencing the mind of God for that moment.

The decisions made in this situation need not be a standard, for the principle point here is to know Christ in the mood of the moment because you have forsaken anything that would come between God and you. Be on the resurrection side of the situation and you will know God.

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