Where does it all leave people? Where does this true Biblical Christianity leave people? Since we follow in the example of the footsteps of Christ, we can glean some facts from His own life. He first forsook all that Heaven was in its glory and splendor. Then He took that step into time, and after forsaking all that was in Heaven, He forsook all that could complement Him in an earthly way or give Him any type of natural comfort. He chose to be raised as a boy in the least-pleasurable place.

Because of the convictions of His life, He encountered rejection by those who, in earthly terms, were naturally close to Him. In every way in His life, He suffered the loss of all things. He was misunderstood, rejected, hated and even turned away by those who had seen His miracles. He may have fed 5,000 and healed many who were sick, yet how many followed Him to the Cross? Even His own disciples forsook Him and ran away at Calvary. But the greatest loss of all to the Lord Jesus was to miss the fellowship of God the Father as He had to abandon the Son at Calvary when He was made sin for us. Abandonment left Jesus alone on the Cross in the finality of that moment.

Isn't this what it is all about? If Jesus abandoned everything, then God the Father had to abandon Jesus Christ. Is it not now the message, "Follow, forsake, and abandon?" There has never been fruit where a corn of wheat did not fall into the ground and die.

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