Absolute Faith

A believer must never deviate from the foundation of Christ. He must keep building properly on that foundation through the absolutes of the Word of God. Otherwise, his capacity for the moral precepts of the Word will deteriorate, and life will become nothing more than a religious game.

We live in an age of relativity. Few hold on to truth. "Situation ethics" promotes inconsistency and a lack of stability in society. The effects have been devastating, even in the Church.

God's Word is absolute. We must have His standards. A marriage needs standards. Husbands and wives shouldn't think about going out on one another (see Ephesians 5); this is God's standard. A pastor should not usurp any authority over the lives of men and women in his congregation. While he should speak directly from the Word of God, in love, he must trust God for the decisions people make with their volitions.

The only house equipped to weather the storms of this world's system is the house that rests on the sure foundation of divine absolutes. God cannot lie. Everything the Bible says about the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and His people is true.

Let's live by the standards of absolute faith.

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