Act in Knowledge or Be Stimulated by Life

Instead of allowing God to clothe them, people try to costume themselves according to what they think they should wear in a situation. A person needs love, so he acts in love. A trial comes and he wants peace so he acts peaceful. When patience is needed he acts “the soul of patience.” Such lives are made up of what people want for God. They act according to what they think they need instead of allowing God to stimulate activity through His life. God may see a need differently from the way we do. When God does not meet a need, then we often step in according to our evaluation of the situation by sight. We feel we must provide with our provision. God always meets our needs in His timing. He sees the needs but may allow us to experience faith before fulfillment. Many people play a role and get by in a situation. They act in love in order to be true to Christ because the situation demands it. However, situations exhaust our natural grace toward others. Mere acting produces strife. When God demands certain action, He always will provide the energy for it and the action will result in harmony. When you live according to knowledge, you may end up knowing that you ought to forgive, but despite this knowledge be lacking in the life power to reproduce the patience of grace. Do not act in Adam, responding to knowledge about God.

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