Adam Lost His Option

Adam gives me the option to live. God has made the decision that he die. People do not want the commitment to a personal cross. They live relying on religious exercise to appease their conscious idea of a need to produce something for God. They feel indebted. They never have grasped the fullness of the gift of God. They fall into bondage to operating religiously and never go beyond into the life of Christ. They depend on man to tell them about God and His thoughts and never experience the mind of Christ for themselves.

People may hear many sermons but not put the message into practice experientially. God wants us to take up our cross and to get to know Him and see Him as He is. Enter into the throne of mercy. Face foes in the conviction of grace. Face trends as one man would face trials with his God. Go forward. God doesn’t want canned answers, human reactions, and perplexities that motivate the self-life to know who is in the midst of what God does. Live in the personal experience of a cross and resurrection. Do not live in the law which is occasioned by your self-life. Live in grace revealed by truth and faith. Do not relate to sin. Relate to the One who died for sins.

Be left naked, destitute of excuse, so convicted that you find yourself dead and buried. To know Christ sets us free. To have freedom is to reveal Christ as the truth of our redemption and to make the invisible God visible.

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