Always Possible with God

With God all things are possible. If I stay with God when I am failing, the life that makes all things possible will take over. We never have to walk away feeling defeated. The rich young ruler was not told by Christ to go away. Though weakened by the temptations of his possessions, he could have cried out to an unfailing friend. A heart that is after God has no reason to walk away because of the sight of weakness. As soon as the rich young ruler walked away, he cut off the possibility of God making him strong in grace.

Stay with God and He will cause you to triumph. Do not leave the possibilities of grace because you have esteemed something to be impossible. We are blinded by our own sight in situations. The story is told in Mark 10:46-52 of a man who was blind and yet cried out in his weakness to God. Though he had no evidence that God would hear him, he knew the nature of God’s character. He was not influenced by those around him, though they charged him to be quiet. He knew that Christ was his possibility and that when He passed by, all impossibilities would be made possible.

Peter, at times, failed and denied the Lord (Mark 14:71); yet despite his backslidden state, Peter was the first to meet the Lord on the shore ( John 21:7). Peter reached for the Lord in his weakness. Instead of going away because of weakness, we must stay with God and receive the grace to be kept.

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