An Order to Live

Once we receive God’s love we are in His order; and because we accept the order of first going to Calvary in co-crucifixion, then we end up being everything that God has ever ordered us to be. It goes beyond knowing that Christ died for your sins. We must enter into a co-crucifixion and co-burial, where all that would order our life outside of God is ordered out, that the convictions of God may be eternally rooted in us.

People fail to realize that they must cooperate with God in the order of truth by first submitting their hearts at Calvary. Many serve God but never co-labor with God. People separate themselves from God’s ministry to establish their own. They want to find a place of security where they can feel religiously exercised, instead of being under the covering of the Body exercised in their spiritual senses by the Word.

It is first Calvary, then Pentecost. People who express an emotional manifestation without Calvary end up in the consequences that their emotions bring upon themselves, and their lives reveal frustration with no resurrection. Christ went first to Calvary, and as we follow in His footsteps we pass through death by faith in His death. The result is ascension in the power of the Baptism of the Spirit, in the Corporate organism. Coinciding with Christ’s life through the guidance of the Spirit brings us under the order of love in a government, in a Body, and in a life that ordains us to bring forth fruit.

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