Are You at Home at Golgotha?

Jesus was at home anywhere the Father sent Him. Whether it was in fellowship with those He loved or forsaken totally by all at Calvary, Jesus was at home in the plan of God. The reason was that He knew the Father in the plan. How many Christians are driven away by the plan and leave experiential fellowship with God to escape? All the natural forces of the situation that Adam proposes seem real to the individual. Adam’s suppositions make void in the individual the repose of faith wherein all things reveal God as our sufficiency and abundance.

It may not seem practical to rest in faith when a storm is raging, but faith has nothing to do with common sense. Faith must be understood in the light of the Scriptures, not in a natural interpretation of relevant laws of common sense. The supernatural ingredient of faith violates the natural ingredients that go along with the results of Adam.

It is certainly not practical to remain sleeping when your life is endangered by a storm, the boat is rocking, and those on the boat are crying out. But Jesus was resting in faith, and the situation did not touch His emotions. Many people react in their emotions and try to preserve their life in the storm. But in Christ we have our life preserved in rest through the storm as we are at home with God. Though the disciples may panic, God is resting in His redemption for His redeemed ones even if they refuse to be redeemed from their emotions.

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