As the Bride Waits …

…she’s occupied with HIM more than with what is happening around her.


In perilous times, there is so much around her that could distract her from being occupied with her  coming-soon Bridegroom-to-be and that could rob her of the joy of preparing to meet Him.  But by His Grace and the power of His Spirit she can keep herself in His Love, build herself up on her most holy faith, pray without ceasing in the Spirit, and look for  Mercy from Him till that glorious day when she will altogether and experientially be HIS.  But what is this Bride-to-be most likely thinking about, as she waits to unite with her Bridegroom?


” … I know the thoughts and the plans that I have for you … “


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She’s thinking about what HE thinks of her, what He says about her,  confident that He has loved her with an everlasting Love and that His thoughts toward her are always thoughts of peace and never of evil.  He has promised that He is the same today, yesterday, and forever, that He will never change His Mind toward her nor alter His Plan for her life, on earth and in Heaven.  Furthermore she has the assurance that her future with Him is secure – indeed it is FOREVER!

He has spoken words to her that have already stabilized her mind and rejoiced her heart well before the wedding, and she knows that such edification will continue until she finally sees Him – even forever after that moment:  “You are precious in My sight and honored, and because I love you, I will give men in return for you and peoples in exchange for your life.” (Isaiah 43:4)  “With age-enduring Love and kindness I will have compassion and Mercy on you …”. (Isaiah 54:7,8)  Imagine:  If God made this promise to Israel during the dispensation of the Law (after being angry with their disobedience and forsaking them for a brief moment), how much more will our Bridegroom – Who has promised to never leave nor forsake us – offer compassion and Mercy to us, who are in Him and He in us by His Grace!

Perhaps the richest treasury of the Lord’s thoughts toward His Bride are found in the Song of Solomon, all of which we will fully understand and experience in Heaven.  For example:  “Let Me see your face, let Me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.”  (SS 2:14b)  “O My love, how beautiful you are!  There is no flaw in you.” (SS 4:7)  “You have ravished My heart and given Me courage, My sister, My promised Bride! How beautiful is your love, My sister, My … Bride!” (vs 9,10)  “I was in the King’s eyes as one to be respected, and to be allowed to find peace.” (SS 8:10)  This is the Same One of Whose Love Paul is persuaded, as we read in Romans 8:  Absolutely nothing “shall be able to separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus.” (v.39);  this is our Heavenly Husband-to-be “Who is able to keep us from stumbling, and to present us faultless before the Presence of His glory with exceeding joy,” (Jude 24)


As she waits, the Bride is thinking about what He’s like …


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He IS unconditional Love (I John 4:8) and He IS our Peace (Eph.2:14).    He is faithful (Dt.7:9;  I Cor.10:13);  and He is all-wise, all-powerful, – all-knowing, all-caring.  He is all and in all!  Yet “His voice and speech are exceedingly sweet;  yes, He is altogether lovely [ the whole of Him delights and is precious].  This is [our] Beloved, and this is [our] Friend …” (SS 5:16).  He is also gentle, meek, humble, lowly of heart, and is continually calling to us to come and let Him give us rest (Matt.11:28-30).    He is the One Who upholds all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down (Psa.145:14), delighting in those who hope in His Mercy (Psa.147:11) and Who rewards those who will humbly receive the abundance of Grace that He so desires to lavish upon us (Rom.5:17;  John 1:16).

We could go on and on, ad infinitum, writing about what He Whom our souls so love is like.  But there remains one more category of thoughts on the Bride’s heart that we will consider here.


The Bride continually rehearses what her Bridegroom has promised her.


It was mentioned above that He has promised His Bride that He will never, no never leave her nor forsake her.  He will not, He will not, He will not, to any degree, leave her helpless or without support.  He will not relax His hold on her (Heb.13:5, Amplified)  Also cited in a preceding paragraph was His vow that He would never change His Mind toward nor alter His Love for her (Mal.3:6;  Heb.13:8).  Lamentations 3:22 promises that His Mercy toward her will never cease, that it ” endures forever” (Psalm 136).  Perhaps one of His promises to His Bride that especially blesses her is that “His left hand is under her head, His right hand embraces her” (SS 2:6).  Oh, there are 1,000’s more  such edifying, assuring words from Him for her to discover and enjoy, and she will so do as she seeks Him with all her heart in the time left for her to be His Bride-in-waiting.


She often thinks about what He has already done for her.


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The Bride remembers that “He loved her and gave Himself for her” (Eph.5:25b;  Gal.2:20b) and wonders, “What more could He do than totally give Himself as me, for me, to me?  He took upon Himself all of my sins in His own body, as the Sacrificial Lamb, as my Substitute;  He took the punishment of those sins for me, dying for the payment of them, so that I could have Life Eternal.  He thus made it possible for me to be His Bride!  What greater Love than this …!  Furthermore, He has blessed me with all spiritual blessings and seated me together with Him in Heavenly places (Eph.1:3;  2:6).  This altogether lovely Beloved of mine has done away with my past and made me an altogether new creature (II Cor.5:17), altogether lovely in His sight.  He has made me complete in Him (Col.2:10), hiding me with Himself in God (Col.3:3), and making me a joint-heir with Him of all that the Father has given Him.   He has redeemed my life from the pit and corruption, and has beautified and dignified me.  Even before I see Him face to Face, He has crowned me with lovingkindness and tender Mercy” (Psa.103:4).  All of these wonderful works He has done for her – and many, many more – constrain her to spend more and more time with Him.


The Bride draws as near to her Beloved as possible.


Worshiping Him, hearing His Word, listening for His Voice, sharing the beauty of Who HE is with others ... such are what occupies her time on earth as the day of their wedding approaches. Click To Tweet


Worshiping Him, hearing His Word, listening for His Voice and responding to Him with hers, sharing the beauty of Who HE is with others … such are what occupies her time on earth as the day of their wedding approaches.  She muses on the words that He has spoken to her, on what life together will be like once He comes for her.  “In Your Presence is fullness of joy, at Your Right Hand are pleasures evermore.” (Psa.16:11).  She has tasted of this joy and these pleasures yet perceives that there is much more to be experienced.  There will also be uninterrupted rest in His Presence (Ex.33:14).  Although she knows the “shadow” of His embrace, she longs to know fully the reality of His left hand under her head and His right hand embracing her (SS 8:3).  All of these benefits both now and in her life forever with Him compel her to proclaim that she is His and He is hers, and she understands fully that His desire is towards her (SS 6:3; 7:10).  But now that she is so secure in His unchanging Love for her, she is pressed on all sides by that Love (II Cor.5:14) to reach out to others, both those who, like her, know Him and to those who don’t know yet what He’s like or Who He is.


The Bride has an overflow of Love, joy, and security that simply has to be expressed!


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“My heart is overflowing with a good theme, I recite my composition concerning the King;  my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”  (Psa.45:1) In fact, as we see in Song of Solomon  in several places, she speaks with such intensity of Love about her Beloved that her interlocutors are curious as to Who this Man is!  “What is your Beloved more than another beloved, O you fairest among women?”   And she’s delighted to describe Him to them:  “His voice and speech are exceedingly sweet;  yes, He is altogether lovely [the whole of Him delights and is precious].  This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend, O daughters of Jerusalem!”  (SS 5:9,16, Amplified Bible)  Eventually, these same hearers of how precious He is, become curious enough to want to seek Him for themselves!  “Where has your Beloved turned aside, that we may seek Him with you?” (SS 6:16)   Thus it is now the Spirit and the Bride who are saying ” ‘Come!’ and let him who hears say, ‘Come!’  And let him who thirsts come.  Whoever desires let him take freely of the water of Life.” (Rev.22:17)


As we wait for Him to come for us …


… we spend time alone with Him in His Presence.  We gather together with members of the Bride more and more as we see the glorious, anticipated Day approaching (Heb.10:25).  We walk by faith in what He tells us in His Word,  hiding it richly in our hearts, subjecting our feelings, sight and reason to what He says.  We thus prove that what He has said He will do;  that what His Word declares about what He is like is absolutely true;  and that His thoughts toward us are indeed – and always – thoughts of peace.  Furthermore, they are innumerable (Psa.139:17) and we’ll never stop hearing new ones.   The more we practice these things the more intimate and deeper our fellowship with Him is, and thus the clearer a picture of Who He is and of what He’s like is presented to others through what we say, what we do, how we live our lives through Him.







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