Involvement in People’s lives

In the picture above, you can see me with some people from our Grace Mission Church after attending the high school graduation ceremony of one of the several young men and women who completed either middle school or high school last December. Hwa Mok made his mother and grandmother very proud by winning top honors and being accepted into a top Korean university. We were all treated to a delicious lunch by Hwa Mok’s precious mother who has been praying for her son for years.

Looking at this photograph and the photographs of other missionaries that I follow on Facebook and Instagram, I am struck by the fact that being a missionary is being a part of people’s everyday lives. It’s attending weddings, graduations, and funerals, celebrating birthdays and national holidays together, sharing meals, praying for and visiting the sick and people in need, as well as preaching and teaching and evangelism.

Baking Lessons?

This week I have been baking peanut butter cookies for Bible college students and the young people’s rap session. I have ladies in the church who ask me for recipes for the things I make and requests for baking lessons. I never would have thought that cooking would be a missionary skill. It reminds me of God asking Moses what he has in his hand in Exodus 4:2. God uses what we have at hand to serve His purpose. The way God uses whatever is yielded to Him and goes beyond what we can ask or think astonishes me over and over again.

Divine Translation

When Pastor DeVries was here, he preached on a theme every month. There is still a place in our church bulletin that says, “This Month’s Theme,” but that space has been left empty since I began preaching, since I never know from week to week what the message will be. I manage to come up with something, often gleaning from other preachers’ messages for ideas, and then I step onto our little platform by faith and share what God has ministered to me.

What amazes me is when people tell me how the message was exactly what they needed to hear. Click To Tweet

What amazes me is when people tell me how the message was exactly what they needed to hear, how God answered their questions, or gave direction through the message. I was just happy that I could get up and be coherent and not be dragged outside to be stoned to death, but the Holy Spirit somehow translates what I say in simple faith and makes it applicable to people’s lives and needs.

YiSakSource of Wonder

Another source of wonder is how God brings a return on our investment in people. I had the experience this week of having a young man who suddenly stopped going to church get in contact with me after almost a year of no communication. I had tried to stay in touch through Facebook, but had gotten no response. I figured, “Oh, well, God. You know I tried.” Out of curiosity, I saw from his Facebook posting that he had started his 2-year stint of mandatory military service, so I wrote and said I’d be praying for him. He wrote back. He even called and spoke for a few minutes. He sent the picture on the left showing his army haircut. His name is YiSak (Isaac). Pray. I know you do, but I am asking for you to pray for people I have met who need to either come to Christ or return to Him. God has a way of bringing people back around.


Thanks again for your love and support,

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