Attack to Stop the Flow

The devil was constantly seeking out, through his evil devices, to attack the life of the Son of God. It was his plan and desire to discredit the life of Christ and the expression of divinity in the humanity of the Son of God. We see Jesus as He was, a perfect man with no sin nature and no production of sins. He did not have an inherent nature or personal sin. From the standpoint of His divinity, of His humanity being inhabited by the One He was-God -that life in His humanity was always challenged by Satan and his organized plan. Hell's aim was always to dethrone His humanity so that it could not reveal His divinity.

In clear reality, though we are sinners and He is God, we still have the same life and so we also are the objects of a similar attack. That life of God within us is always being attacked, so that it will not be expressed through our humanity.

Satan will constantly try to get at people's humanity so that they cannot reveal the Life that is inside of them. Satan is well aware that once life is revealed in the proper order of love, in the conviction of the Word, and it begins to flow as a river, then people begin not to look at our humanity, but are occupied with the manifestation of the Life of God's divinity.

Satan's plan is that he might sterilize the Christian so that the Christian may profess all he desires about Christ and, yet, lack the experiential power and life that transforms.

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