Authority in Godly Humility

I would suggest to you today that, if there is anything I have learned as a pastor, it is that two cannot walk together unless they be agreed. I have loved counseling sessions when God’s people have agreed with God. They simply agree with God, no matter what their situation happens to be. That is a precious thing.

Humility means that I agree with God’s character. If I agree with God’s character and trust it, then I still have every right to ask and to believe. But then, I totally accept the grace and love of His character to preserve me and bless me in whatever happens. If what I want to happen doesn’t take place right now, I am being conformed to Christ’s image in the meantime.

God sometimes teaches us to wait upon Him. In this process of waiting, we grow in trust and in divine expectation. Quietness and confidence become our strength. We come to an agreement with God that His plans and His purposes are perfect and eternal. We see that all things are of God and that all things are for our sakes.

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