Balancing Your Emotions

Emotions are a part of every man and woman, and they play a legitimate role in life. The emotions cannot think; however, they are intended to appreciate and respond to truth and the eternal plan of God to save souls. There will always be negative and positive environmental stimuli to which the emotions will respond. They were never intended to be the guiding or ruling authority in life. Yet, because of the strength and impart of emotional responses, only the Word of God can deliver the believer from their control.

The key to having balanced, healthy emotions is simply making yourself available to hear the Word of grace every day. God always honors the believer’s availability to the Word. We are always left vulnerable when we neglect the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (2). Upon failure, rather than withdrawing into the defeat of self-condemnation, we recover immediately by confessing our sin to the Father (3) and become instantly available to His Word. This is a process of allowing the mind of Christ to be formed within your heart, whereby rest will be produced in your soul.

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