Baptized Unto the Word

Many people respond to God by impulse instead of by faith. We have a natural impulse in our biological structure and when the Word is preached, many people cannot become substance out of God through the spoken Word because they respond through that impulse. For example, the Word is given for reconciliation in a marriage. The love of God comes in and you are given definition from God to wait as long as necessary until God does a work in the other party. You say you will, but then you do not remain in that plan. You listened by impulse to the Word and it did not take over your life in a sanctification of baptism. You did not become part of the substance of God being born in your soul through that revelation.

Every time God speaks He will teach us and train us until we become the substance of Who He is by being baptized into His thoughts. The Word of God is as a fire, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces ( Jeremiah 23:29). Recognize the power of the Word, and then receive that power as God reveals the substance of His character in clarity through revelation. Many people seek after things to exemplify their power or spirituality with God. The power of God is harnessed in the Word and is loosened through love which has greater authority than death. Before and after Calvary, unconditional love remained in the same attitude and through Calvary destroyed death as its last enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26).

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