Be Aware of the Enemy

Our enemy, Satan, is quite a mastermind. We must learn all that we possibly can about his kingdom so that we will be equipped to battle, for he walks about as a roaring lion “seeking whom he may devour” (I Peter 5:8).

There are three basic things that Satan watches and learns from in our lives. He inevitably uses these things, if he can, for our downfall. He watches our countenances in every situation so that he may take advantage of our weak moments (2). He pays close attention to our words (3), and our actions (4). The prince of the power of the air takes this information about God’s people and plans an attack. Then, he forms a stronghold in the believer’s life in those areas of weakness. This is prevented if the Christian is sharp enough to know what is happening, and deals with his weaknesses by allowing the Word of God to have preeminence in his life.

The greatest success in the Christian community today is a quiet spirit filled, godly believer who never gets depressed. It is not big churches, but big hearts that count. But remember that Satan will attack those who are quiet (5) with accusations. He wants you to manifest your weakness so that he can plan against you. Be in control of your responses and do not give Satan a foothold (6).

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