Be Made Whole

Will you be made whole? That is the question Jesus is asking people today. For that to happen, we need to touch the presence of God. It was the presence of God that was there to heal. His presence is needed-not just promises, not just knowledge, not just scripture verses.

Why did the impotent man take up his bed and walk? He didn't even know that Jesus was God, but he believed the words that were spoken to him, and he walked! Now, was that a sensible thing to do-to obey a stranger, after not being able to walk for thirty-eight years? Why did he do it? Because the "stranger" was the Savior-a Man from Galilee who was present to heal. "Rise, take up thy bed and walk," Jesus said. Immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed. God could, God would, and God did.

Jesus healed because of Who He is. This is how many of us have experienced healing in the will of God. We keep hearing and reading the Word of God until it controls our memory, our frame of reference, the streams of thinking through our consciousness, our soul, our conscience, our heart, and our emotions.

Finally, we touch God, and God touches us.

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