Be Not Afraid

Many things in our lives bring fear: the fevered brow of a little baby, news that you or a loved one has cancer, word that someone has been in a serious accident. There is also fear that comes because we don't believe. There are many reasons in this world why people fear.

Bona fide fears are not sinful; they come because of human frailty. When fear comes upon us after we have heard bad news, that is not a sinful type of fear. It is normal because of our frailty; yet, by God's grace the fear will not last long when we learn to look to Jesus Christ. The words of Jesus are so beautiful: "Be not afraid, only believe."

The potential for God to work in His people is indescribable. We are here on earth, and every day we are faced with trauma. Some of us refuse to turn on the news because of what we may see: footage from the latest deadly fire or details of a recent crime spree. Still, the words of Jesus remain: "Be not afraid, only believe."

Let the Spirit of God minister to you. If God spared not His Son, but delivered Him up for us all, will He not also freely give us all things?

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