Be Ye Likeminded

When the principle of likemindedness is applied to the Body of Christ, the virtues functioning in each individual are shared from one member to another, and the promise of fruitfulness is made to the local assembly. Participation in the assembly of believers is handled with ease, poise, and oneness, without the obstacles of natural disposition. As the members of the Body of Christ receive the Word of God, they share similar content of thought and become likeminded with one another, as well as with Jesus Christ. Though they are at various levels of maturity and spiritual understanding because of spiritual age and opportunity, they all share the motives and desire of Jesus Christ. The diversity of gifts causes all believers to be blessed and benefitted as each member shares his portion.

As a ministry matures and takes on more and more of Christ’s vision to reach the world as a unified expression, the Body of Christ as a whole reaps the benefits of their joint participation in the universal Body. Any ministry that dares to make the world its missionfield will become a brook of refreshment and life – this is the true expression of the mercies of compassion.

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