Bearing the Ark

You may have the laver and have your hands cleansed, but no Ark. You may have the shewbread and eat doctrine, but no Ark. You may have prayer at the altar of incense, but no Ark. You could be Saul and go to worship, but no Ark.

Why do people fear and have comparisons? Why do men go backward? Why do many experiences seem stagnant and cold? When there is a need, why do people not help? When the Body goes through persecution, why do people preserve their reputations and refuse to be counted as transgressors? It is because there is no ark in their lives.

What does it mean to bear the Ark? What does it mean to stand in the Jordan River with the Ark on your shoulders until everyone gets over? What does it mean to be the innocent one standing with no condemnation until the guilty party comes over the Jordan? It means bearing the love of God in identification. It is only unconditional love that can stand in the Jordan until even the weakest passes over into the Promised Land. We as priests bear the Ark of God. We stand-our feet in life with no guilt, no condemnation and no judgment being experienced within ourselves or toward others.

Let’s stand fast in the liberty and others will know that Christ has made us free. Love gives us the capacity to bear love and serve others in love. When the Ark is on the shoulders of God’s people, even the weakest can walk over without judgment because someone will reveal love in bearing the patience, peace and nature of it toward them.

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