Beauty for Ashes

Here is the great exchange: Beauty for ashes. Where are the ashes, the residue of the offering made for our sins? They are in a clean place, separated- according to the principle of purification for sin as related in the book of Leviticus. And what does God give us? Beauty for ashes. But that is not all. Because we don’t feed on ashes, He gives us the oil of joy for mourn ing.

Imagine it! The Christian who has exchanged beauty for ashes has the oil of joy instead of mourning and the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. When a believer who has this kind of doctrine in his soul goes home to be with the Lord, we have a victory service. We don’t call it a funeral, thank God. A believer who is absent from his body is present with the Lord. That’s reason to rejoice.

Feast on the Lamb of God. Partake of the love of God, the joy of God, the peace of God, the purity of God, and the power of God. Just eat the Word of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and stop feeding on the ashes.

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