Behold the Glory of God

There is one thing within the believer that can prevent him from experiencing Christ's life and that is the veil of his own human nature. Individual problems and conflicts between believers are always a result of living with this veil upon the heart. But Christ wants us to turn from who we are in the natural and respond to Who He is in us, that He might remove the effects of past conditioning and human reaction. He wants to liberate us from old wounds, resentments, fears, and bitterness, giving us the power to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile in an attitude of peace.

With an "open face," total transparency in the acknowledgment of your need, let faith reveal the glory of God-Christ's Finished Work of grace. As you gaze into the mirror of God's Word, attach your name to Christ's Person, identifying with Him dying on that cross. See your old self as dead and buried and then watch as Christ rises again within your heart imparting His very life. Behold Christ's glorified image within you, allowing that image to change you outwardly as it reflects all that He is within.

Be liberated from your old self-image. Be freed by His Spirit to reflect the new life that you have received. Satan wants to set something other than God's glory before our faces. It may be a standard, a problem or a fear; but as we turn to the Lord by faith, that veil has to drop away and the cloud of God's own life will hover over our hearts with Divine protection.

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