Behold the Lamb

If I continually behold the Lamb, I will be so overcome that I will be humbled in every area of life. As I look at the Lamb, the questions I have about my life will be answered. As I look at the Lamb, my relationships will become very meaningful. As I behold the Lamb, studying will be a thrill. If I behold the Lamb, I will have no problem with people who take advantage of me.

As I behold the Lamb in the Gospels, I see God Almighty becoming a man, suffering because of human sin and the satanic government of evil around Him. I can see the Lamb being led to the slaughter of Golgotha.

I cannot behold two things at once. I cannot behold my problems and the Lamb. One would interfere with the other. So, I learn to behold the Lamb, placing Jesus Christ before everything in my life, which reveals great honor. It is a tribute to Him, who alone deserves all the glory.

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