Beside Himself in Faith

When we take a step of discipleship, how fast does it reveal our heart attitude toward God? Are we trusting in natural security, or in God by faith? Are we trusting in the grace of God’s provision or trusting in what we provided for tomorrow in the natural realm of preparation? Do we live as if we can do what we want and still maintain a moral upright life as a standard of moral righteousness, or do we live as if Jesus is coming back? Do we dare to go forward and make an investment in a lost world, an investment in a weak system with weak people who need help? Will we receive and live by faith in God’s provision of promise so that we please God and become like Christ with a great faith? Do we realize that God made even His Son, Jesus Christ, live by faith?

People often make an exception in the life of faith when they feel they must be somewhat practical. It is true that we must be responsible in good stewardship, but our practical exceptions should never void our faith toward God in that situation. The world system will always encourage us to slow down and take thought. Jesus will always motivate us to move forward and see faith provide. We are strangers journeying through, dead to the world system. We will not spend the rest of our lives making plans for tomorrow, but through faith we will be in God’s plan for eternity. It will never be what we think in the realm of the natural, but our life will be where God leads us in the supernatural.

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