Beyond Comprehension

God, in His Book, tells us some things that our natural minds cannot comprehend-the Holy Spirit must reveal them. It is impossible to calculate heaven’s height above the earth, because no one knows where heaven is.

God knows how we think. In our limited human understanding, the way to God is upwards. We think of heaven as extending light-years beyond our solar system. With all of the great scientific discoveries, no one can fathom the size of the universe, which reaches far beyond the farthest star ever seen: This is how great the measure of God’s mercy is toward those who trust Him.

God is saying, “There’s no way I can explain to you how great my mercy is.” He cannot explain how He crowns us with lovingkindness through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. No one can figure out God’s mercy, and He doesn’t want us to try. “Just live before the Mercy Seat,” He is telling us.

Remember, you are crowned with mercy and lovingkindness.

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