Big Ideas … From God

Surely, some of you have heard the story of R.J. LeTourneau, a successful industrialist. After he nearly died in a car accident, he began to consider the purpose of his life. Eventually, that led him to receive Christ as his Savior. He established a company that manufactured special construction vehicles. Seventy percent of the earth-moving equipment used in World War II came from his company.

As the company began to make money, Mr. LeTourneau started giving 10 percent of the profits to his church. Later, God impressed him to give 20 percent, then 30 percent, then 40 percent. Eventually, he was giving away 90 percent of his income and living off a tenth. His donations were used to start missions in Africa and South America. He said that the 10 percent he kept was more than he needed. He still had millions of dollars.

R.J. LeTourneau did great exploits, and a town and a college were named in his honor. But the greatest honor will come when he stands before God face-to-face.

Get some ideas from God in prayer. Think big. Pray big. In humility, act big. In every realm, continue on with God and do big things for God as Jesus Christ empowers you.

Great things happen when God is involved.

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