Blessed on the Basis of Another

Abram, who had failed God and was in the process of failing, received a word from God. God visited Abram, calling him to walk before the One Who is Almighty. Walking before God is the most beautiful thing. It is not walking before men to please them or walking before our needs to yield to them, nor is it walking before fear to falter without faith. Walking before God is walking in an absolute plan and provision. Every step is taken before God; therefore, we are not walking in uncertainty or in an unknown quantity. Our walk is blessed on the basis of a promise and not on our ability to keep ourselves according to our own standards. God has already said that Christ is acceptable, so our secure dwelling place is in Him.

What made him a spiritual man was the act of circumcision. We are made spiritual through faith in the act that Christ died for us and now lives in us, that through Him we may live as Him. Abraham received the blessing by what was done to his flesh. Jesus gives us the operation of Colossians 2:10-12, cutting off the flesh to make us spiritual men (Romans 2:29) and joint heirs with Him (Galatians 3:29). We enter into the spiritual land of promise. Circumcision helps us to experience a covenant of grace. A flesh that will never succeed is cut off. God crucifies Adam so that we may enter into the value of the covenant of circumcision.

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