Martha and the Lord’s Prayer

The disciples watched Jesus closely as He prayed. They were captivated and quiet in this instance. When He was finished, they asked Him for a specific teaching on the practice of prayer. Take note that this happened “in a certain place” according to the report we examine in Luke 11, verses 1-4. It tells us […]


Self-Esteem, a much overused designation, finds its roots in cultural thinking. Earnest Becker, in his book, “The Birth and Death of Meaning,” addresses the subject: He says, “…when people do not have self-esteem, they cannot act, they break down.” “When the inner-newsreel begins to run consistently negative images of one’s worth, the person gives up.” […]

Pride: The Beast Within

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of those horror stories that we may know a little bit about. It was written in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island as a matter of fact. The crux of the novella revolves around the adventurous chemistry of Henry Jekyll. […]

Green — Yellow and Blue

John was beckoned to “come up hither” as he saw a door. The voice was like a trumpet. Immediately, in the spirit, John saw the throne. He saw a person, Jasper and Sardius stone emanated from the person, red, justice and pure white, holiness. A rainbow of emerald encompassed all, mercy. Green surrounded the throne, […]