• “Oh, that My people would listen to Me …”

    Learning to sit in silence before Him and listen for His Voice not only protects us from getting personally derailed, hijacked and ultimately defeated by obeying "strangers' voices", but it also develops intercession for others.

  • Who Do You Say that He Is?

    “Who do you say that I am?” It’s the big question Jesus posed to His disciples as they sat together outside Caesarea Philippi. The setting for this encounter was significant. This location was notable for its concentration of shrines devoted to a number of gods and goddesses. It was an...

  • Don’t Be an Abstract Christian

    Among Christians, there are those who live by superficial principles or abstractions. That which is abstract or theoretical lacks substance. Abstract leadership lacks strength to stand when the enemy comes in like a flood, as when Saul faced Goliath

  • The Dirt Disciples Are Made Of

    Disciples are people who choose to give themselves to learning.  This is who we are when we come before Word of God. We’re disciples when we listen to a message from a pulpit; we’re disciples when we talk among ourselves about who God says He is; and we’re disciples as...

  • Idealist

    We live through heart-ache to be forever joined with Christ, intimately. Sin represents a dis-jointing, a dis-fellowship; pain sobers a saint toward what is real — our humanness –our unbelief – our disablement – our depravity. in our confrontation of reality, His true nature waxes clear, yet it comes unexpectedly....