God Made Known

“Whom you therefore ignorantly worship, Him declare I unto you” (Acts 17:23). This was the point Paul sought to drive home to a distinguished group of hearers. These ones fancied themselves as the brightest and best at human reasoning. They were thinkers and talkers – mostly talkers really. Every new concept or idea intrigued them. […]

The Mantle of the Lord

Elijah the Tishbite is one of the most notable and accomplished prophets of the Old Testament. He appears on the scene seemingly from nowhere in 1Kings 17 to be a severe thorn in the side of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel of the Northern Kingdom and their introduction of Baal worship. Elijah was at the […]

Good News and Bad

I have good news and bad–First the bad. Angrily driven, my hatred propels me to unprecedented heights of mischief and pain-inflicting. Then, righting my wounded soul by raucous revenge, I hurt that which has so damaged my cause. My deeds are done. My world of entitlement returns for my enjoying. Who cares if my methods […]

The Orphan and the Lamb

Esther and Job, to me, are perfectly positioned in our Bibles. I consider it no coincidence that they are side by side, for both books say something significant about the nature and presence of evil. In Esther, we read about the conflict external, the battle that goes on around us in the streets, in communities, […]