Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking can be larger than life. Lets begin with one man’s observations about the atheist, the politician, and the diplomat. “The definitely concrete fact that they (the atheist), do not acknowledge God determines their knowledge of God. And the fact that they do not want to admit His existence, later gives them, in plenty, […]


I stood there silent as a church sang its praises to God with their hands. Hands singing what mouths could not, hands singing for ears that could not hear. A sea of reverent, exalting hands… it was beauty to me: a flock of wild birds rising up, God walking among them, their call flooding my […]

Incorruptible Seed

Take a seed in your hand – a tomato seed for instance. Examine it carefully. It does not seem like much could come from it. Such a seed is so small, and it possesses a tough and hard exterior. By surface observation, a seed doesn’t look like much at all. Unaware of what a seed […]

Born Again to the Living Hope

Peter understood crises of identity. Perhaps more than any other figure in our Bibles, this Apostle wrestled with who he was. We meet Peter in the first chapter of John’s gospel. His brother Andrew has discovered the Messiah, Jesus Christ, whom John the Baptist pointed to as the Lamb of God come to be offered […]