The Days Preceding …

How important it is for us, the Body of Christ, in these days preceding the Rapture, to have a spiritual posture like that of Joseph and Mary: they simply, humbly received and believed and acted upon the Word of the Lord as given by His angels. And let us be as the wise men, who diligently and confidently sought the King of the Jews. Let us receive Grace upon Grace to hear counsel, receive instruction, and accept correction, that we might be wise in these our last days on earth (Proverbs 19:20), prepared to meet our God.

Eyes Of Worship

How do we get frustrated worshipping God? We don’t. If all my ministry is a worship of God, then there will be no frustration in my ministry. How do we get discouraged or irritated worshipping God? Again, we do not. If I live from a worship of God then I do not live from my […]

Keeping Myself From Idols

John chapter 6 describes a group of people who were following Jesus but who had changed: in verse 2 they were following Him because they saw the signs that He was a man of God, but by verse 26 they were following Him for food alone. “And a great multitude was following Him, because they […]

An Eternal Weight Of Glory

An eternal weight of glory: your Creator, your Savior, pleased with you, pleased by you, not for a moment or a time, but pleased with you for all of eternity. Meeting you with a gladness that is personal for you: a love that is delighted with you at all times and forever. I am reminded […]