Boasting in God’s Grace

David failed miserably. He committed sins that would cause many who walk by sight to doubt that he was God’s man. He suffered great sorrow as a consequence of many of his sins. But, he revealed the important things that he knew he was a worm before God (2), and he knew how to repent, recover and receive grace for his life. His greatness was not revealed in his ability as a soldier, a writer of Psalms nor as a great king. His greatness was revealed through his humility.

When the ark of the covenant was returned to Jerusalem, he stripped to a loin cloth and, before the whole congregation of Israel, danced before the ark as it was carried into the tabernacle. He gave burnt offerings and peace offerings. He then blessed the people and fed them. As he went to his own household to bless it, he was greeted by his wife Michal, the daughter of Saul, who proceeded to rebuke him for dancing and uncovering himself for all eyes to see. David’s response was Psalm 131. He knew he deserved nothing, though God had blessed him with so much. Recognizing his weaknesses and frailties, he just basked in God’s grace. Let us not be like Michal who represents those refusing to see the grace of God and remain barren because of it. May God touch us with the humility of Calvary and open our eyes to see His matchless grace toward wicked sinners.

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