Broken for the Master's Use

A great preacher was married to a woman who became extremely jealous of his success. She hired a maid to lie and say she had an affair with the preacher and became pregnant. This attack went on for a year, and people believed it, but the preacher said nothing. People who loved him, who knew his character and believed he was innocent, asked, "Why do you think God is allowing this?"

"To break me. Simply to break me," was his answer. He would never defend himself or say the story wasn't true. But one year later, the maid came forward and confessed that the preacher's wife had paid her to lie. This man of God didn't glory in vindication. He simply said, "God sent this to break me."

God cannot use us if He cannot break us. But when God breaks us-and it is not just an emotional response of sentimentality-He will also revive us. When God revives us, He revives us according to the Word of Life. "Plead my cause and deliver me: quicken me according to thy Word" (Psalm 119:154).

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