Build the Expectation


With EuroCon less than a month away, there’s plenty of buzz around home base.   In passing conversation it’s commonplace to hear phrases like, Are you going to Budapest, or Did you buy your ticket yet?  It’s exciting, and people are getting ready to go, at least logistically.

And while it’s important to have all of our flights and accommodations planned out ahead of time, I have to ask, are we taking the same steps in spiritual preparation?

Piece by Piece

My first chance to attend EuroCon came in the Spring of 2015.  I had only been a part of the church here in Baltimore for a tick over a year; and that entire year, all I could remember hearing was that the European Conference was something I NEEDED to experience.

So I began to pray about it.  I sent little bolts of lightning up to heaven saying, God, I want to go.  Can you make it happen?”  Nothing major, just quick moments like that.  But God honors those moments we have with Him (1 John 5:14-15).

By the time that attending became a real possibility, and I started to take some practical steps towards that end, I had already invested a lot of smaller pieces of time  preparing myself for how God might speak to me there.


And do you know what happened?  God spoke to me.

On the first night, it was through Pastor Schaller’s message on the storms of life.  Though I was falling to sleep because of jet lag, I won’t forget that Christ is waiting for me to wake Him up in the boat during my storms (Mark 4:38).

And on the final night of prayer, praise and healing, power came out of Christ (Mark 6:30) during the worship service.  And I knew that He had made me spiritually whole again.  It was incredible.

Building Expectations

Whether you’re going to EuroCon this year or not, the question remains the same: Are you building an expectation for what God has in store for you?  Are you prepared for Him to whisper from behind you and say, this is the way, walk ye in it? (Isaiah 30:21)  Build the expectation; God’s word won’t return void, it will prosper.  Isaiah 55:11                  -by Mat Gehret

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