But For Glory

Do we look unto a veil so that we are not able to see the glory of God in a situation? Have we set a standard before us instead of allowing God from above to cover us with love enabling us to be hid in Him? If we see no fresh revelation of Christ to transform us with power, then we are left to search introspectively in order to please God. If there is a veil over God, then sovereignty has lost its place. There is no liberty to experience God for the moment if we are trying to attain in the experience of the preceding moment.

Sickness is not to enter into the death of condemnation. When the concept of faith fails in healing, there is a strong tendency to enter into guilt because of a personal lack of faith. Yet, faith is not a product of man, but an impartation from God. The result of tribulation is not to behold our natural man and to condemn him for failure. Natural faith was not designed to meet supernatural need. A person may hear the Word, but never be a doer because he is void of God's operation of faith.

Faith must mean nothing in terms of man, so that God can operate in terms of His faith. Christ will be lifted up with drawing power when we signify the death that He died. Instead of selfachievement for faith, we enter into crucifixion of self to live by God's faith. The pathway to glorified faith is to humble ourselves on a Calvary trip. We will humble ourselves in God's sight that He will raise us in His faith available to be transformed by the glory we behold.

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