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Today’s Devotional

  • Not My Will

    A believer must have his will ruled out even if he is doing good. So many times people use circumstances to exclude faith and they end up in their will. Do not get involved in decisions with your will and end up in procrastinating obedience. Your will has nothing to do with God's call. Your will is coming to Calvary and saying, not my will, and you start there.

    People's wills have plagued the human race for years. I am to exercise my faculties but not my will. I make my faculties available for God's will. The Lord gives the call. He calls you to faith without sight evidence. Consider the fact that people do not get saved because they see Jesus. They get saved because they believe in what He said about what He did, without seeing Him. A man gets saved because he believes the Gospel and responds to it. He does not will salvation. He believes that it is and that Christ is real, and then God wills to save him and begets him through the will of God ( James 1:18). God does not trust man's willpower to get saved because it would end up doing something in works. The man only has to come and let God do it through His will.

    This is true not only for salvation but also for discipleship. Your will in the final analysis has nothing to do with becoming a disciple. Jesus Himself said, "Not my will, but thine, be done," (Luke 22:42). Consider that Jesus Christ was sinless and yet He never once decided on the basis of His own will.

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