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Today’s Devotional

  • The Blueness of a Wound

    "The blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil. ..." When we are wounded the little capillaries (blood vessels) are broken and blood rushes to the place of injury to heal the body and it produces a black and blue mark. It may be blue but the blood cleanses away evil. The blueness is produced by the blood.

    Satan may wound us but the Blood of Christ rushes to the place of injury and cleanses away evil. Evil may come in isolated times but the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Every believer should get to know the power of the Blood for the revelation of his victory.

    Always, the Blood cleanses away evil. The Blood has saved us from wrath (Romans 5:9). It does present us faultless before God's presence with exceeding joy. No wound can overcome the power of the Blood. The Blood alone cleanses away the evil. Our conscience is purged by its power so that we might serve the living God.

    Have you been wounded lately? Do you have a capacity for yourself or are you thankful for the blueness of that wound? Are you occupied with the Throne, the Blood, and Christ? God will take you into places you would not go. He takes us so that we might have a new capacity for Him. If we listen to some people and observe certain situations, it would stir up our soul; but if we listen to God, it will stir up our spirit. Look at the wound! It's blue! Thank God. Our capacity is for God, our salvation. We are stirred up for His marvelous work.

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