NEW Convention 2020 Date - Aug 4-8

Hopes and Dreams

  Nothing gives more pleasure than disappointment turned to hope. It’s like the budding of a flower, petals which were shrunken in withdrawal, unraveling and stretching in beaming beatification. There is no blush — Just a brave display of approval by Him; the face-lightener, joy bringer, chin-lifting Christ. The Prize...

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"The fear of the Lord", key in overcoming lying vanities and living in a redemptive revelation of God, simply means that we esteem Him His Word, His ways, more important and necessary than anything or anyone else in our lives.

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Making the Most of Our Minds

His name is George, and he has no place to lay his head. He “lives” in a park in Dundalk, a community situated just outside the Baltimore City limits. Most of the time, George can be found in his wheelchair near the fountain located in front of the area Post...

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