Characteristics of Greatness

The greatness of Jesus Christ was that He considered Himself least and became a servant. He said, "The greatest among you shall be the servant of all." Christ did not come to be ministered to; He came to minister (Matthew 20:28).

It is so much better for a Christian to love than to be loved. It is greater to forgive than to be forgiven. It is greater for a Christian to be kind than to have someone be kind to him. A great Christian excels at patience and doesn't expect people to be patient toward him. He lives on the grace side of life.

It is greater for a husband to lay down his life for his wife than to expect her to lay down her life. It is so much better to obey than it is to give a command. It is so much wiser to have compassion than it is to expect compassion.

Greatness is an attitude of God's grace and love coming through a person. And when that becomes the means of manifesting Jesus Christ's character, then greatness is truly great.

Greatness is revealing humility toward men and meekness toward God. It is showing patience toward those who hurt us while we remain secure in who we are in Christ and in what He has done on our behalf.

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