Child-Like Faith

George Müller, a man of God known for his great life of faith and prayer, established many caring, Christ-centered orphanages in Victorian England.

Once, a little girl said to Mr. Müller, “I’ve never had a toy in my life. Do you think God would give me one?”

George Müller said, “Yes, He will. What do you want?”

She said, “A ball.”

“God has all kinds of balls,” he said. “What kind do you want?”

“A velvet, multiple-colored ball!”

“Well, God will give it to you.”

She ran after him and asked, “When?”

Then he answered her, “In three days.”

Müller didn’t mention the request to anyone, and the girl didn’t tell a soul. Three days later, along with supplies and food brought by a faithful giver to the orphanage, this man said, “God led us to bring this for a young child,” and he gave a beautiful multiple-colored ball to the girl.

It was a precise prayer with precise power because of precise faith based upon a precise promise that the girl received from God.

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