Chinese Dumplings & Salvations

Yesterday we opened our house to the Chinese church for a BBQ, fellowship, and Bible study. This is about the sixth time we have done this, and every time it is an incredible blessing.iu

It seems there are always people that God is drawing, and there are always salvations. This time was no different. There were over 30 precious Chinese people with us, plus about 10 non-Chinese (people with a heart for the work among the Chinese). We grilled up so much meat and ate loads of dumplings. It was fun.

We had some testimonies and shared the Word. Afterward, we had a prayer and gave the opportunity to accept Christ in the prayer. I told them to let us know if they had prayed the prayer. Afterwards, one lady came up, and she said she had prayed that prayer for the first time. She has come around our services a few times, and has a hunger and thirst after the things of God, but this was the day of her salvation.

These times are so precious. Thank you for being a part of it with us.

-Pastor Graham King

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