Choose to Obey Him

The desire of God’s heart is that all men might come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that none would perish (2). “He that winneth souls is wise,” because he knows the desire of God’s heart, and manifests His character to the lost in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth (3).

However, in the same way that unsaved men have rejected Christ throughout the ages, so His very own children deny Him the desire of His heart – to produce in them the character of His Beloved Son. “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29a). His heart breaks at the thought that so few choose the path of selflessness because they are afraid of losing some corruptible, earthly treasure. He has made every provision for the Body of Christ to function as the manifestation of His character to the world by indwelling us with the Holy Spirit and equipping us with His Word. To those who choose to obey His call, there is laid up for them a crown of righteousness (4).

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