Chosen by God

Did you ever go through periods in life when you felt alone? Maybe you thought God has forgotten you. During the conflict and trial, you may have been engaged in deep searchings of the heart; yet, you found that the only things that could sustain you were the promises of God.

Picture Aaron in Numbers 17. He has great honor bestowed on him through God’s call (2). The call was authentic; yet, it did not go unchallenged. Murmurings, rebellion and evil hearts contested his call until God intervened. God told all the tribes to put a rod in the tabernacle, each rod representing a tribe. Overnight,the rods lay ion the tabernacle in the presence of God. The next morning God ended the envy and strife by confirming Aaron’s calling. As the rods were taken out, only one bloomed and showed fruit: Aaron’s rod. God was faithful to bless His servant at the time it was most needed. Numbers 17:5a says, “…whom I shall choose, shall blossom.”

God promises to bless those He chooses and God’s choice always receives the choice blessing. Let us not yield to the many temptations as we wait on God. Stand fast in God’s call on your life.

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