Christ is Found in a Fellowship

Live in faith for your present life. The important thing is not what you know about God, but Who God is now in the operation of faith. It takes faith, which takes Christ, which comes from a fellowship and which produces a ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18). It is not in reconciling situations to ourselves that we find peace. Situations will not always seem to be for our benefit. God may have their purpose hidden. We may see no outward moving of God and sense no inward touch of assurance. Are we forsaken or are we an object of unconditional love?

Our fellowship with God is based upon the immutable character of God as displayed in His Word. God may at times withdraw, but only to teach us to draw near. One who is one in Christ will never be lost when all situational security is hidden. We cannot base tomorrow's experiences and their outcome on what we know of God today.

He is the Living God Who desires to be our absolute security. Our strength is not in what we know or where we have been, but it is in whom we are hid as we walk through the pathways of life. Our life may present many options, but it is impossible for these options to give us an eternal security when they are only temporally founded and to be experienced on a temporal basis. We may have positions, concepts, or possessions, and yet one situation may remove all of these. What is left? Fellowship with the God Who is our security when all else is removed.

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