Christ Isn’t in the Next Town

Without addition there is no revelation. We will in the staleness of our own knowledge without any outworking of that which has been worked in by God. We add faith in the midst of a situation and God multiplies the grace and peace with the result being Christ.

So many want to move on to the next town because they cannot win Christ where God has in sovereignty asked them to reside. You discover Christ where you are and not in the next town. We do not go into depression in the lions’ den. We do not say, “Lord, take us out of the furnace.” We rest and trust God, and though the heat is made seven times hotter, we know that God is controlling it and not the furnace. We do not have to worry about inevitable deaths in the jailhouse sentence, but we now rest in eternal life in the situation of the sentence.

Jesus puts us in the situation and works grace, love, and patience into our hearts. We allow the situation to work it out through our consent to the Holy Spirit as the earthen vessel is broken and the treasure is expressed. In situation after situation, the nature of God is revealed, the power of God is expressed, and the conversion of others is produced by what we reveal. God does it all through our situations so others can experience our God and the nature of His grace toward. The average Christian lets God work it in, and then it becomes a theology, a hope, or a fact, but rarely an experience of life. Without the addition of faith, we are left without the garment of revelation-Christ.

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