Christ or Bewitched?

When a person runs himself down, that is witchcraft. When a person accepts tension, this also is witchcraft. Witchcraft is simply bewitching against God-a spirit from the devil sent to bewitch you into a Satanic state of craftiness. What it takes for you to stop having peace is the degree to which you are bewitched. Don't give a thing over to witches.

God has guaranteed us perfect liberty already. Satanic spirits bewitch people into impatience, jealousy, emotion, tension, and various gods of death. These gods deceive us into believing and thinking in terms of what we assume is real. As we subject ourselves to the rule of these idols we add self to self (Isaiah 30:1). Our experience is limited to what we assume. We have been bewitched by spirits just as if we were practicing witchcraft.

The next time we rebel it is the same as if we were going to a spiritualist to communicate with spirits. If you refuse reconciliation in your marriage, you are living under a witch. If you get offended and insist to gain your reputation, you are living in something less than perfect liberty and royal love.

Paul said he was less than the least. He had perfect liberty to say such a thing. Rather than being duped into a purpose outside of Christ by the craftiness of witches, Paul lived through a cross to lose what he didn't need and gain what he needed. Was he bewitched? No, he was full of eternal purpose in expressing a peace unwavering, a Christ resurrected, and a mind that understood his expected end.

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