Christ: Our Provision

It would be difficult to be in deep waters and have to row the boat all the time. We would get so tired. How much better it is to have a boat with a motor!

We have Jesus Christ as our power source; He moves the boat. And all we have to do, basically, is to switch our faith in our own ability into faith in Him. Many have been in a place where they have asked God why He allowed certain painful situations in their lives. They would say, “Why are they hurting me? I have never done anything to them, as far as I know. Why is this happening?” And Jesus would say, “I want you to be like Me. And you can be like Me if, in this storm, you will come to Me, yoke up with Me, learn of Me, and get to know Me.”

We can hear that still, small voice say “Come.” When we come to Him, we get a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light. We have a rest with Jesus Christ- a provision of peace that keeps us in any storm.

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