Christ – Our Total Savior

The Christian community is divided into two categories of people – those who seek to establish their own righteousness and those who are resting in Christ’s righteousness (2). First, there are those who believe that salvation is only initially based on Christ’s righteousness, and who then strive in the energy of the flesh to maintain a righteous standing. These will not and cannot enter into God’s desired rest for them (3).

Then there are those who rest in a total salvation, seeing Christ as their salvation from start to finish, not just initially. These believers learn to place no confidence in the flesh (4). They enter His prescribed rest (5) and into a life of godly production (6); (7). Christ is our salvation all the way! In I Corinthians 1:30, God has made Him our righteousness by way of justification when we first believed. He sanctifies us as we progress in personal holiness by the Word (8). Then He is our salvation through the redemption of our physical bodies in glorification (9).

Seeing Christ as our salvation all the way from start to finish, from time to eternity – seeing Him as our total Savior, is the key to entering into God’s rest, into an enjoyment of our position, and an anticipation of our certain inheritance (10); (11).

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