Christmas Voices

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Christmas has a lot of voices ringing. Fa la la la la, la la la la. We have the angel voices, the shepherds voices , Mary’s, the wise men’s, and then Herod’s and the bad guys’ too. There’s a plethora of sayings, and together they give Christmas a strange wonderful feeling each year.

all this fun stuff rings our bell

Most of the utterances, blow by us till they come up in a Carol or two. In the famous carol “Hark, the Herald Angel we are presented with the name of a third angel to go along with Michael and Gabriel. His name is Herald. Ho ho ho! Frankly, all this fun stuff rings our Christmas bells, and we go along with it. but let’s not get carried away. Christmas is more than the fun stuff.

Christmas “forevered” itself

These days, Christmas remains the same joyous time with one big exception; at some point the depth of the story took a home in my soul and now Christmas “forevered” itself in me. The story jumped off the pages of history into its eternal dwelling, drew me inside and closed the door. Now I live at the manger, I go on the flight of refuge, I hide with the child, I watch as they unite at the angel’s voice of direction. I sense the providence of the Father. I grow with the Christ child; I listen at the temple at 12, and carpenter tools sing to me till 30. I’m there in the hot desert, and hunger, a stranger quizzes. The Father’s voice rings, “this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” I carry a bottomless basket and feed part of 5000, and 4000. I watch and smell a Lazarus rising, I see tears turn to laughter; I jump up and down with a son reinvigorated, and a daughter, and 10 lepers, a lame man, a blind and a deaf. I raise my hands, I run and turn around, and smile and laugh and scream, Halleluiah.” The voice says “O ye of little faith, why did you doubt?”At some point the depth of the story took a home in my soul and now Christmas forevered itself in me. Click To Tweet

But they speak with forked tongue

I can see the robed Pharisees. They speak with forked tongue. The common people who clamor in confusing tones, don’t know what they want. Some dreamy eyed folks think they see a Messiah; they want one. They are right.

Then a mob falls backwards at His presence with banging mail coats, a bloody ear comes off but re-gathers itself on a soldiers head as men shriek and swords re-sheath. Darkness, thick, invades every earth corner, a chill enters the spine, a crimson man hangs and dies. I flee, frantic; I deny and feel shame. I want to make it right, but can’t, and it’s too late.

He calls out, “Peter do you love me?”

I look but He has been stolen. I sense outrage and dread. He warns, “Do not touch me; I have not yet gone to the Father.” We chat while my heart burns on the road to Emmaus, He walks through a wall, and I touch His sides and hands. He calls out, “Peter do you love me?” “feed my sheep” I see his eyes. I watch Him rise. Fire falls and sits on our heads, I speak in other men’s languages. The subject? Christ and Him crucified. It’s Jesus, sweet Savior of the world.

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

Merry Christmas, to all at all levels of life, but let’s not limit Him to the fun stuff and a reason to sing carols. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What are we thinking? Forget about sugar plums and dances of fairies. Get off the polar express and meager toy quest. Jump out of the fantasy and sentimental “I’ll be home for Christmas” stuff. Perry Como, you’re ok, but gimme something real.

Depression, have your day, want to die, feel despair.

At Christmas some people cry; they look back, they miss, they pine, and they hope to be where they can’t be. Depression, have your day – long for death, feel despair. Sing “Jingle bells” and really try hard to fake it or blow it off and get high or drunk. Oh but there are other thoughts and activities. We can cry to heaven and say, “Jesus, come into my heart and take me away with you to heaven, to your joy and peace, your love eternal, acceptance and friendship.”Jesus, come into my heart and take me away with you to heaven, to your joy and peace, your love eternal. Click To Tweet

Let Him take you into ”Glory land,”

Let Him take you into ”Glory land,” to Beulah land, to the land beyond the sky, and to your eternal home. It is open to you even today. Find reality in a true dream. Lift your weary head my child and fly away with Him. Thrill in the bliss of salvation, enter with both feet into the “Old old story” and never go back. Get the true reason for the season, and leave the cute quotes in the wind. We have our Savior, we have our Savior!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!

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