Cloaked in a Mystery

“Hands on, do it yourselfers, and MacGyver determination” seems to be he attitude of the day.  Our best efforts are to work something, until it works out. Webster’s dictionary defines pragmatism as “an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.” Often in the journey of life, we are learning to conquer challenges. It is easy to value things that work and systems that work out. We love when “easy” is part of the equation. But what happens when things don’t work out?

Stops and Wonders

“A plus B doesn’t always equal C” in life. Obscurity often causes us to stop and wonder. The business plan or the corporate strategy doesn’t define or necessarily helps us apply the things of God. Our approach to mysteries can’t only be in a natural way of deductive and inductive reasoning based on history and experience. We certainly learn from our failures and success, but if the work of God is a fancy formula, we miss The Lord. God wants to bring us beyond our own pragmatic understanding.

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When Moses approached the Lord, God would have him remove his shoes, for it was holy ground.  Nothing of the natural flesh could touch the sacred things of God, it was holy and perfect. David in handling the Ark of God learned this the hard way; his shortcut cost someone his life. God’s objective was not the man would conquer his objective only, but that the man would be conquered by God’s holiness. As we behold The Lord, let’s not try to figure him out. He shall begin to unveil a mystery.

More Questions than Answers

I have a dear friend that is dying of cancer. Looking at this life with God, it is powerful. I scratch my head wondering the reasoning behind why godly people suffer, it doesn’t make natural sense. God’s eternal reason is cloaked in a mystery. The natural man is always ready to fix things, but in God’s economy man is often left with more questions than when he started. God is looking for simple faith in Him rather than determined pragmatism. Work ethic and perseverance have valuable places, but not in interpreting and handling God’s ways, “He is past finding out.”

The mystery of godliness is what keeps our faith alive. If we were able to figure it all out, we would not need God and life would be understandable. Being able to rest when things are  unexplained is the fruit of simple faith. This simple faith knows in the core of its belief system who God is, regardless of the evidences. Seek to ponder His mysteries rather than stuffing God into our own image or plan. Without faith, it is just an elaborate plan of man; but with faith it is an adventure beyond human comprehension. When life doesn’t make sense – rest in knowing God’s ways are perfect and His reasoning will be known in due season, and we will praise Him for it. His perfect will, it will be done.

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